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  • There are different DateTime values in the Case Resolution and I don't quite understand them:

    ActualStart/ActualEnd: Actual start/end time of the case resolution activity
    Is this referring to the case rather than the resolution, i.e. when the case was opened and when it ended? Btw, the start date is always empty but the Actual End is set.

    Last Updated: (no description as there is no such field)
    I assume Last Updated comes indirectly from the monitoring function. In any case, the strange thing is that quite frequently that date is AFTER the Actual End date. But once a case is closed it cannot be modified. So how and in what cases would this "Last Updated" value be after Actual End?

    Btw, Date Created always seems to be the same as Actual End. That makes sense if you assume a Case Resolution will only be in an instance of time rather than a time span. However, then why are there Actual Start, Actual End, Scheduled Start and Scheduled End date? Such values would be expected in Case rather than Case Resolution.


    Friday, July 8, 2011 7:55 AM

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  • Hi there,

    The Case Resolution entity is a Activity entity in CRM and so inherits from a common set of fields that is used by all Activity entities - notably ScheduledStart, ScheduledEnd, ActualStart and ActualEnd for tracking durations of the activity.

    This group of 4 fields are used for different purposes in different types of activities but are largely present to accommodate Tasks and Appointments - for example an Appointment may have a Scheduled Start and Scheduled End to denote the times that a meeting is scheduled for, and then a Actual End to denote which the Appointment activity itself was closed.  Similarly a Task may have a scheduled end date when the Task is expected to be closed, and then an Actual End when the Task was actually closed.

    As the Case Resolution record is an activity it has these fields but does not use them in the same way - this is, as you have seen, because the Case Resolution record is simply a kind of 'placeholder' to insert a record in the History that a Case was resolved - and so only populates an Actual End to describe when the resolution took place.

    In this sense the Case Resolution record does not contain any other information about the origin of the case of when the case was opened, only when the case was resolved.

    Often for Case Reporting or Plugins, the report or plugin execution will start from the Case Resolution entity but then lookup to the parent Case to read back the actual information about the Case.

    Hope that helps - have often found the Case Resolution activity a bit of a minefield when planning Helpdesk and Service Management solutions using Dynamics CRM.

    Kind Regards, Paul | http://crmconsultancy.wordpress.com
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