Moved to Mac because RRS feed

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  • I am upset and feel like ranting now. I have used PCs since XTs and ATs and all the 86s and have owned Dell laptops for ages and most of my desktops were Dell as well. Why am I ranting?

    A few months back I bought a Mac Laptop. The reason? My last Dell desktop which came with Win 8 was updated without asking or allowing me to say yes or no to Windows 8.1 which was a completely different animal. I got the disc to revert to Win 8, but then one night Microsoft decided to invade my computer again and upgraded to Win 8.1 again.

    That was why. I am not very happy with Mac, after so many years with PC it is a complicated life to get used to Mac. More expensive, and hard to get used to move around and to network with the rest of the world because, well because Mac is Mac, not other explanation for it. So  am not very happy but I have to stay with Mac as I cannot return it and cannot afford to buy a new laptop now.

    Why am I writing? Just to say I think Microsoft made a big mistake forcing people to do things or a certain way they did not want. Upgrading the computer without even asking the owner? That is bad, Microsoft.


    Thursday, March 5, 2015 7:05 PM