HPC Pack 2016 Update - Burst to IaaS nodes question RRS feed

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  • So I plan to augment Azure using the 'Burst to Iaas nodes' procedure mentioned here - http://download.microsoft.com/download/B/D/B/BDB8782A-FAAF-457D-AF3D-0B157FEEDF4C/Burst%20to%20Azure%20IaaS%20nodes%20in%20HPC%20Pack.pdf

    The goal is to be able to submit SOA jobs in an hybrid cluster environment (HN and few workstations will be on-premise); and to burst into Azure using IaaS VMs when required. Few Qs:

    1) How can the Azure IaaS nodes access on-premise database and a file share. Is is through the S2S VPN/ExpressRoute?

    2) When bursted Azure nodes are active, will the SOA job submission from an on-premise same as the way it would done to the cluster when it is all on-premise? -- Today, in an all-on-premise scenario, the service registration file for the SOA service points to the SOA dll and all it's dependencies hosted on a network share. So with Azure IaaS nodes active, this will not change is what I assume? (or do I need to deploy the SOA dll and related DLLs to Azure storage etc? if so, how?)


    Sunday, August 5, 2018 5:22 AM