Unnecessary synchronization of Office documents that are merely accessed but not changed. RRS feed

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  • I asked this before a long time ago and never got I response, but I am still seeing this issue, and wonder if anyone has a fix?

    I am a teacher, and sync files between home and work with Synctoy 2.1.  Iv'e seen this problem with my current Office2010 and my last version of Office XP.  I am currently on Windows 7, but this also occurred on XP.

    I open a powerpoint in class, display the slideshow, and close the document.  No changes are made, no saving, no nothing except show the slideshow.  Later that evening, when I run a synchronization, every powerpoint that I have accessed or displayed, Synctoy thinks needs to be synchronized.


    I have made no changes to the documents, and the timestamps appear to be identical, but Synctoy still thinks they have been changed.  Sometimes it seems as if all I have to do is open the document, and Synctoy thinks it needs sync'ing.

    Does Synctoy even look at access times?  Does opening a document created in one version of Office with another version of Office alter the file, even if you do not save?  What the heck is going on?

    Anyone have an answer?

    Monday, May 21, 2012 9:42 PM