Windows XP SP3 web link shorctuts on the desktop show the FireFox icons when IE is default, please help. RRS feed

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  • We have built our Windows xp sp3 with office 2007 image several times and each time we see the issue.  We are deploying IE 8 and all the other applications we use to include FireFox 3.5.  After building the image and bring it down to test we notice that if the user creates a shortcut to say google.com on the desktop the shortcuts icon is a firefox icon.  Even though IE8 is the default browser.  We use Novell zenworks to push our installs to the workstation and then once the workstation has been built up we tweak the image and then save it over the default profile.  We have to tweak the default browser for the user’s so they do not have to decide what browser to make default.  We even see this issue after manually changing the default browsers

    I thank you in advance for any information regarding this issue.  Is there a better way to install IE8 and deploy FireFox so they can co-exist better then what we have now.  Or what is the best way to resolve the desktop shortcuts to web links icons showing Firfox issue?

    Thursday, January 28, 2010 5:03 PM


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