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  • i am trying one care and have decided to go with it however there are acouple of questions bothering me about the circle i have two kids in school with laptops can i put them in my circle and do they have to have hotmail or passport to get in the circle or can they use there regular email
    Monday, January 21, 2008 11:37 AM


  • The OneCare Circle simply means that all 3 computers (well, up to 3) are installed and activated on the same subscription, meaning that the same LiveID you activate on the first PC with, is used to activate the other 2 PCs. In the very basic functionality, you have the ability to share printers between PCs and you can configure backup for all PCs - Centralized backup - to the same destination, such as an external drive that is shared to all PCs on your local network. Note that printer sharing and centralized backup will not work if your kids have the laptops at school, for example, and not on your local network.

    You can make your PC to be a "hub" in the Circle. That means that the other 2 computers will report their status (Onecare icon - green/yellow/red - good to actions required) to the hub. In some cases, you can "fix" the problem on the remote PC. For example, if your kids turn off the firewall manually, you can respond to the warning in OneCare and turn it back on. If they are not on the local network at home, but elsewhere on the Internet, these changes and the original status messages can take an hour or more to transfer through the OneCare servers during normal communication between OneCare and the account server.


    I should add that their choice of email program is not restricted by OneCare. The Passport/LiveID is only the same for activation - not checking emails.


    Monday, January 21, 2008 2:18 PM