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  • As a court reporter, we have custom watermarks on our paper on the right-hand side indicating line numbers down the page, but whenever i click on the tab "Make first page different from rest of document" tab my line and numbers on the side of the page disappears. This happens also when i insert the "page no." tab. The 2003 office is much more user friendly and easy to use. Why have they made 2007 so difficult and complicated. Usually after playing around with something i can catch on and figure it out for myself, but this is truly a "mind boggler" for me and very frustrating. I'm tempted to just go with Office Org. and not bother purchasing 2007 office. I actually was the one to try out the 2007 office professional software on the 60 day trial, and i am to report back to my administrator as to whether we would install this software in our work stations, but i see it just may not be compatible, because we need to have that watermark stay on our paper, it's essential for court purposes in transcriptions. Now, i've looked at the video on headers and footers provided by microsoft, and although it explains how to "insert watermarks" that's not what i want. I want to insert everything but a watermark. I just want to Keep our custom watermark on. Any suggestions? I'm ready to give up on this.

    Megan Olson

    Tuesday, April 1, 2008 10:47 AM