Sharing Music and Wireless PC RRS feed

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  • I have searched everywhere and can not for the life of me figure out this issue. One of our PCs is wireless and we are having the biggest issue getting media player on the wireless PC to add files from the music folder on WHS. The wireless PC has the WHS onnector installed, it wakes up and backs up without issue every night and seems to be communicating with the server just fine.

    We launch media player on the wireless PC, it "sees" all the music files on the server's shared folder but will not add it to the local library. This is frustrating when you've spent years accumulating 13,000 songs and now you can't sync one of them to your MP3 player using media player anymore.

    The music USED to be on a NAS device that is dying. All the music was moved to the server, our other wireless PC had no trouble finding the new location of the files, neither did our wired PC. So we buy a new wireless PC and it will not in any way shape or form add the music in the shared folder to the local library in media player. Well, it adds about the first 200 songs and then will add no more.

    Anyone else had this issue? Should I just plug in the PC by ethernet cable to get the library updated?
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