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  • Hi There,

    in need of assistance with my home server. 

    I bought a Scaleo home server and was very impressed, unfortunately the primary drive died and needed replacing which I did, unfortunately I have lost the server reinstallation DVD and can not rebuild my server.

    I own a recent Windows Home Server that will install nicely on a PC but will not install remotely and to my shame I have lost the Scaleo reinstallation DVD that came with the machine.

    Fujitsu support in the UK can not reissue a disk and there are no replacement copies of the DVD that I can buy from them as they tell me they are only able to issue one disk per system.

    Microsoft support cant help as they hold no OEM copies of reinstallation dvd's.

    So I come here, I have a dead home server as it has no OS on it, my options are to stick the drive in another PC and install and configure the OS then place it back in the Home Server and hope that all the drivers work. 


    find the tools that enable me to create a Headless/Network installation of WHS to stick on via the Network.


    Find a copy of the Reinstallation disk that I stupidly lost.


    Monday, January 12, 2009 5:56 PM


  • Hi Julian,
    there was a failure with the first edition of these CDs (at least in the German version I own), which gave you the error message, that the computer must be a Fujitsu system. (Workaround was copying the entire folder to the harddisk and initiate the installation from there, so you would only need the files and not the CD itself.) From what I heard, they can supply a CD, on which this error does not happen any more - but as mentioned, this was for the German version.
    What will Fujitsu customer service do, if the original CD is not readable?
    Maybe you can also ask your vendor to help you out with a copy?
    Other than that - maybe you can ask at WeGotServed, if somebody having the same model is able and willing to share a copy.

    Best greetings from Germany

    Tuesday, January 13, 2009 9:20 AM