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  • Live search was providing some of the best RSS news feeds on the net. We were using the feeds and giving credit to "Live Search" for the content pertinent feeds (every page) on client sites. There was no spam and we weren't even using revenue generating ads from anyone. My clients are emailing and they aren't happy with their pages being down. The PHP doesn't show in code, but we are using "RSS Content Builder" Software


    www.faulkforcongress.org (Voter Issues - News)

    Specific Example:



    You don't see the PHP code, but it is a simple command to bring up and place "Live Search News" on the topic "Death Tax" catching the latest dynamic news on this topic and others, in a well presented manner prominently noting that the results below were from "Live Search News".


    These were valuable pages for clients driving both visitors to fresh content on their sites and brand recognition for "Live Search".


    This is the second time "Live Search News Feeds" have been killed in recent history. Last time I was able to restore them. This time I have been unsuccessful. It was a valuable webmaster friendly service.


    The way we were using this tool benefited our clients and "Live Search" branding to wide audiences on prominent sites. It's been about a week since they went down and I am struggling to recover.


    Webmasters need stability to promote a search engine, especially playing against Google. I am sorry to see this service go away.


    This is a wide open door to promote "Live Search" against the GOOG, as Google recommends that webmasters do not use their RSS news feeds on commercial sites.


    Doing a search to find out what happened, one blog claimed it was a capacity issue at MSN. I highly doubt that and genuinely hope it's not true since many of us support MSN's play to buy out YAHOO and deliver real competition at the GOOGs doorstep in the future.


    I sincerely hope someone can clear up these issues.




    Tuesday, March 25, 2008 4:59 PM


  • Hi,


    Are you still experiencing these issues?


    Thursday, May 29, 2008 8:32 PM