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  • My wishlist:



    1.  Sub $500 price for final product with hardware and software


    2.  Tight integration with Motorolla Homesite Home monitoring solution, not just throwing the API out and expecting them to produce something


    3.  Centralized AV/Spyware


    4.  Quicker installation  (Took me almost 2 hours)  Granted the home user will not have to go through the installation process but man it took forever.


    5.  An Ultimate version for us techies who want to load a web server, dns, dhcp, email etc.




    Saturday, May 19, 2007 11:49 AM

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  • Matt, I agree with you on the price. If this is priced over $500 for entry level hardware, A lot of people will likely think twice (at best).

    I don't think Microsoft is on the hook for integrating with Motorola Homesite, frankly. Should they also take responsibility for integration with every other home automation or security provider? If not, where do they stop? Plus, Microsoft has nothing to do with the Homesite hardware or software. Tossing the API out there is the right thing to do. With that, Motorola knows how to integrate their control software with the WHS Console.

    Same for AV; Microsoft isn't responsible for integrating third party products.

    Quicker installation would be nice, but you've already nicely articulated the reason why Microsoft shouldn't bother. Smile

    And finally, I think the "System Builder" pack (software only) is the "Ultimate" version. If you want additional features, you have complete control over their installation. Just don't expect a lot of support from Microsoft. Smile
    Saturday, May 19, 2007 4:02 PM