Why is the MSN Bot indexing my site site under the https protocol? RRS feed

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    Hey All,


    Back again with another strange twist in the never-ending saga of MSN Live Search....


    For the longest time I was having an issue, where the MSN bot had decided that our URL should be appended with a query string- just an arbitrary string, which had no effect or meaning.


    Finally in the last couple of days the little MSN bot swung through the neighborhood, and indexed up the site. In the new SERPs that pesky little string is gone.... Good right?


    Well, sorta....


    The strange query string is gone, but now the site is indexed under the https protocol! How in the heck does that happen? There's no link to the https in the sitemap, and there's no link from any secured part of the server to the unsecured....


    So, how on earth did MSN bot arrive at the conclusion that our entire site now runs under the secure protocol?


    Any thoughts?





    Wednesday, February 20, 2008 12:03 AM