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  • Please help!!! I have been using Money for a few years and of late it seems to delete my product category.  

    I have set up hundreds of part codes and assigned them to a category called "Stock Sales"  When I ran one of the reports which returns a summary of all sales by category, most of the sales were "Unassigned"  I went into the products list and clicked on an item only to fined the category box blank.  This was the same for all my products.  I the had to re-enter all the categories again one by one for over 500 lines which took a couple of hours.  I couldnt find a way to do them all at once. This worked fine and the report was ok.  A few months later I neede to run the report again and all the category assignments had dissapeared again.  I am now on my 3rd time but I am losing confidence in  this package.  Is it me doing something wrong. 

    I have backed it up but not for a few weeks. so restoring is not really a good option.  Besides I think it must be a glitch in the software somewhere.



    Tuesday, June 18, 2019 6:18 AM

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  • 1. I don't know what a product category is. Maybe you are referring to

     a. A regular category used with transactions

     b. A feature of the Business versions... I don't use that version. What Money version are you using?

     c. A Classification that you have created, but I think that applies to transactions rather than an asset. If you have set up a Classification, you would see it by clicking AccountTools->Categories&Payees and looking in the left column.

    2. If you want to change the Category or Classification of a bunch of transactions, you can use the advanced Find and Replace. Tools->FindAndReplace. The criteria can include that there is no existing category.

    3. You have no recent backups. This is very easy to improve on if you are using Money 2006 or later including Sunset. However even if you are using Money 2005, some improvement is fairly easy to do, but it is less automatic. If you want some backup strategy suggestions, identify what Money vintage you are using.

    4. A Standard Repair might be a good idea. There is a level 2, which is the most common repair, and has no downside that I know of. The level 1 is not a subset or superset of level 2. It is mainly involved in reports, but maybe some other stuff. The downside is that it resets all reports, and deletes all customized reports. If you want some repair info, identify what Money version you are using.

    Even a Quick repair might be worthwhile. It is easiest.

    Tuesday, June 18, 2019 3:10 PM
  • Martin, I use Sunset H&B and might be able to help.

    I think you may be misinterpreting the use of Category "to track sales of this product".  You aren't really assigning a Category to specific products.  When you create an invoice to sell products, you finish the sale by "Receiving Payment for Invoice".  The category you assign here is simply what Business Income category those sales are assigned to for Schedule C and various Business Reports, if other than the normal Business Income "Sales" category.  Notice mine is blank too, since I assign all sales to the default.  Is your Stock Sales a Business Income category properly set-up with the proper tax form assignments?

    The reports you are looking for will be found at Business Reports > Sales by Item.

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    Tuesday, June 18, 2019 6:11 PM
  • Hi ameridan

    Sorry I was looking through the forum to find an answer to this problem again and realised I had already posted the question and never saw your reply.  Now it is year end again I have the same issue.

    Yes you are right.  I do assign a category to track sales of the product using this box.  But what use is this facility to track sales if all the categories I have assigned products to suddenly become blank.  The categories seem to remain in tact for a while but I assume that some operation when used deletes this info. 

    I set all the products i sell to either "Stock", "Non Stock", "Service" etc... I have around 15 categories to which around 500 products or services are assigned so to re-enter all the categories again is a nightmare.Any ideas why its doing this?

    Tuesday, January 7, 2020 4:29 PM
  • Martin, 

    I had already forgotten my response when I wrote this article in my blog a few days ago that mirrors your observation. My assumption stated in my prior comment:

    • The category you assign here is simply what Business Income category those sales are assigned to for Schedule C and various Business Reports, if other than the normal Business Income "Sales" category. 

    may not actually be true, because the transactions were missing in my reports, leading me into my investigation.

    I have absolutely no idea how the assigned income categories changed in my database either.  Perhaps an overlooked program bug in the Business version, when doing some unusual operation like a quick file repair?

    Tuesday, January 7, 2020 5:37 PM