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  • I just have to put it out there so that maybe Microsoft will hear this... Why in the world would Mappoint 2013 not have the ability to save for older versions of MP?  All Excel, Word, and other programs can, where is the issue?  I work with a company that all uses MP 2011, but i am new so i got 2013, and now i cannot do any work in MP becuase my users cannot access it.  Makes this program useless, unless we spend about $3600 (not to mention the time to set up and install) to upgrade everyone, and we do not need the new version for any reason.  

    Its 2014, Microsoft!  There are lots of other programs out there, and my company will spend our money on another map program rather than keep using a program with shady tactics like this.  Ill leave you with this question- why would we?

    Tuesday, February 11, 2014 9:22 PM

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  • The problem is that each and every version of MapPoint has its own set of road data, area data, etc. This is probably the reason you upgraded to a newer version in the first place?

    So if MapPoint was to be able to save to the last 3 (say) versions, then it would have to include that data on the disk. Considering most of the MapPoint iso is data, the size of the disk / download suddenly balloons from ~1.5GB to ~5-6GB. And there are all the sub-licensing issues, so the cost would also balloon.

    Note that when you load a file from a previous version, MapPoint converts it. It matches addresses, areas, regions, etc to the new database - often it have trouble matching pushpins/etc as roads are closed, zipcodes are renamed, etc.

    Richard Marsden
    MapPoint Add-ins at Mapping-Tools.com

    Wednesday, February 12, 2014 3:16 PM