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  • For some more recent background and discussion on this subject please see the following thread...


    Also, here is an example of one such quiz thread (Search under "THE QUIZ THREAD" for a full listing - currently at 13):


    Within the Visual Basic General forum there has been a somewhat recent phenomenon started by user CrazyPennie that involves asking quiz questions of varying difficulty and having other members attempt to answer them before the official posting of the answer.  The intention is for the questions to encourage discussion of the featured coding techinique or corner of the framework.  This has been met with much enthusiasm and contribution by numerous "veteran" members in addition to some newer folks to the forum.

    While some members have discussed the option of beginning a web site to handle the logistics of such a system there is a preference to keep this as something integral to the forum itself -- and possibly expanding the format to other forums (i.e C# General).  This is, after all, something formed from within Microfsoft's forum and all its participants already have the connecting nexus of the forums that bring us together. 

    My question for the forums administrators and/or moderators is this:  Is there any interest on your part to encourage this format and possibly provide some space and/or developement toward it?  The forum format in general is not terribly conducive to a quiz-style challenge because the threads get buried too quickly and ther is no good way to "promote" it.  At the simplest level we might ask that some moderators allow a single sticky thread that can serve as a pointer to the various quiz threads.  At the other end of the spectrum could possibly be another forum dedicated to this format -- which would of course be a longer-term endeavour.

    Any guidance you could provide on this would be much appreciated.  If there is the need to contact a member about any specifics then I woudl suggest sending correspondence to CrazyPennie.

    Thank you for your consideration

    Wednesday, January 6, 2010 12:14 AM

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  • I think this is quite an interesting idea, but I don't see it as a suitable forum activity. For me it smacks somewhat of self-promotion by those involved.

    So would suggest a separate web site, or at least a separate forum category that did not contribute to the "points" system.

    David Wilkinson | Visual C++ MVP
    Wednesday, January 6, 2010 4:41 PM
  • I like this idea too, and I believe that it would be great, seeing as the people posting and replying to these quizzes are all members of the forums, it would be great if a new forum category could be created for this purpose here on the Microsoft forums, rather than 'shipping' everyone to some other site.
    This way Microsoft officials and anyone who was interested could pose their own quiz questions and it could all be moderated.

    On a more practical note with 13 Quiz threads currently created in the Visual Basic forums, if nothing is done and a external website is too hard to organise, won't the forums become cluttered?

    Just my thoughts,
    DJ PIP
    Wednesday, January 6, 2010 7:40 PM
  • Hi Dave.  I admit that you have a valid point about the potential for self-promotion.  It has not happened yet by my perspective, but without proper moderation it could become a platform for narrow perspectives.  But I see this as a slim potential.  If it is members trying to make themselves more recognized or visible, then I don't see the issue if it is in keeping with the spirit of a quiz or challenge.  All the more to them I say.  If it is a certain technology being promoted then I think the system would self regulate -- the more obscure the technology the less people will want to become involved.

    Admittedly it would be asking much to add any more administrative layers to some aspect of the forum (and yes, it would have to be in its own "forum" with likely different rules than the others.  However, I think there is currency here in terms of value to the overall purpose of the MS forums.  It encourages learning in a different way than just random question and answer or, say, blogs or articles.  Participants become more interractive and can drill deeper into the minutae of a given topic.

    I guess I would like to see some minor commitment on the part of the forum administrators to keep this in-house.  Consider it an experiment that, if successful, could become a permanent part of the MS outreach spectrum to its community.
    Wednesday, January 6, 2010 11:27 PM