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  • Jeremiah,

    For the third time, Live Search has indexed my home page with an incorrect rendition of the url.   If you look at my past threads you will see the history of this problem.  This time is a bit different.  I did not resubmit the page.  It was either gleened from my sitemap or found through a crawl.  For whatever reason however it is obvious that the problen is with Live Search algo or spider.  The problem cannot be blamed on the submission portal (or me) again.  Your team really needs to take a look at the history of how this particular page has been published  (rendered) in the index.  Something about its spelling, text configuration, syntax or meaning to the spam filter is causing "something" in the publishing process to publish the url incorrectly.  It might seem like a minor problem with one site's home page url but something tells me that if Live Search can figure out why this is happening to this particular url, it will discover a major problem that is leading to some of the complaints it is receiving about its spam filter, index, or serps. 

    This page is indexed correctly by the other major engines and has always been.  Live Search is the only engine that publishes it incorrectly.  It has been published:

    a) without underscores between words
    b) missing a slash
    c) with wrong file type designation
    d) now missing a letter

    The correct url of my home page is http://solenarodesigns.com/Horse_Jewelry_Home.html
    You will see that the latest rendition in the index has omitted the letter "r" from the word "jewelry"

    I have just gone to the submission portal and submitted the correct url (which I swore I would never again do).  Can you guys have the incorrect url removed so I don't have to request Global Escalations to remove it?  I'm just too frustrated with this ongoing problem to deal with support again.

    If you guys can figure out why this particular page keeps showing up with an incorrect rendition of its url, I think you may figure out a whole lot more. 

    Sunday, January 6, 2008 12:19 PM


  • Hi,


    Please let me know if this has been fixed or if you are still having issues.






    Tuesday, May 27, 2008 6:29 PM