Blocking Wifi Screen Captures RRS feed

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  • I use WiFi alot from places such as Libraries and fast food restaurants like McDonalds where the WiFi is free. I have come across individuals at these places gathering and disseminating information about my web browsing habits to not only people in the community but to individuals that I worked with where the the information was used to harass and politically coerce me into siding with a particular political and reglious group.

    The question I have is are there any programs out there that will allow me to use these services from my own laptop but will scramble what they see on their monitor?

    These people have been taking information from websites that I visit as well as breaching personal files on my laptop which could might have been stolen and sold to others looking for new games, articles, ect. that I might have stored on my PC.

    I read through the EULA of each place where the Wifi was free and it did not mention anything about said companies being allowed to collect and disseminate the information that they have gathered in order to use such information in a coercive nature.

    Basically those involved in this ring want me and others to give up the use of the computer and the internet and instead return to a time when there was no computer or internet.

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