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  • Not sure if this is possible with Dynamics CRM but I will give it a shot.

    We are a medium sized telecommunications company with a few hundred customers and generate around 1000 invoices per month based on subscription products and usage of other products. We are looking at using Dynamics CRM as our main CRM system but are wanting to tie in a service management feature which would allow authorised users to make changes to a customers product configuration from within CRM.

    We are wanting to do this so that we don't have to built a custom system when most of what we do with a CRM is already available from within Dynamics CRM 2011. We are currently testing the On Premises version in our network environment.

    Are there any suggestions for how this can be done and if it is something relatively simple for us to do in house or if it would be easier for us to design a full custom solution in house.

    Thanks in advance.

    Monday, November 4, 2013 1:36 PM

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  • You are not being very specific on your requirements, so it will be allmost impossible for us to answer your question.

    Should you use CRM as a billing system.... No.. you should not.

    Should you use it as an order handling system... Well.. you can, but depending on your requirements for productconfiguration, you might not be able to handle it directly within CRM. There are third party tools that expand the configuration options substantially though.

    In genereal.. Microsoft CRM is used for account management, sales, marketing, service, with focus on dialoque management, integration to other systems and process optimization.

    You can use it for other things as well.. but I have not seen you mention any of the things above, which leads me to say..

    Yes you can use CRM, but as for doing a fit/gap with your requirements compared to default CRM, you really need to hire professional consultant to give you a better idea.

    Rune Daub Senior Consultant - Dynateam CRM http://www.xrmmanagement.com

    Monday, November 4, 2013 3:02 PM
  • Dear Rune,

    Thanks for you post, I will try to be more specific...


    1. Account Management and Interaction Tracking With Customers and Partners
    2. Marketing - Track campaigns and responses
    3. Support - Track service requests and resolutions from lodgement to resolution
    4. Contacts - Track contact associations to accounts and relationships between accounts
    5. Services - Track what services a client has signed up for and manage those services through a native product configurator which can sent the new configuration as an XML file to a provisioning server (critical feature)
    6. Billing - Generate monthly bills for active services, associated to accounts, based on usage, generated from an external system but lodged in Dynamics CRM
    7. Payments - Track payments against invoices and send automated reminder notifications when invoices are overdue
    8. Credit Ratings - Link in with Veda Advantage or another credit reporting agency which has credit reporting capabilities in businesses and individuals in Australia to generate a credit rating prior to provisioning any new services.

    I do realise that Dynamics CRM does not support many of these features out of the box but we have found that most of the features that we actually need including relating records to other records are already within Dynamics CRM, in addition another division of our business already uses Dynamics CRM for managing the customer helpdesk for a series of other products we have and so it would make sense to us to tie everything into a single system rather than running separate systems.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Tuesday, November 5, 2013 5:40 AM