Contact phone numbers not shown in Communicator Mobile RRS feed

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  • Hi, we have a setup with external access of Motorola Q's with COMO through an Edge Server. Everything works fine except that all contacts do not show their phone numbers.
    These numbers are shown correctly in both external (through edge server) and internal (LAN) communicator PC clients.
    I rechecked our ABServer and everything seems correct, no invalid phones, norm rules are fine, etc.
    In fact, I am not even sure if COMO uses the Address Book Service to retrieve contact numbers.

    Took a look at the COMO Troubleshooting Guide and found this:

    ISSUE: Different phone number options are displayed when you view a user’s Contact Card using Communicator Mobile and when you view the same user’s Contact Card using Communicator on the desktop.

    RESOLUTION: Communicator on the desktop obtains contact information from both the server and the Global Address List (GAL). Communicator Mobile, however, obtains contact information only from the server.

    Contact phone numbers that have been published on the server or using Communicator Options are displayed by Communicator Mobile. Contact phone numbers that have been published only in the GAL are not displayed by Communicator Mobile.

    I also found another thread that stated that only E164 numbers would be exported to COMO, no matter what you include in the phone normalization rules. Tried including an E164 number in the OCS server in the Genral Tab->telephones without success.

    Anyway, I am still unable to see any phone number in any contact.
    Can anybody help me? Do you see the phone numbers provisioned in your AD in your COMO clients?

    Thursday, February 21, 2008 11:33 AM

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  • Hi,


    did you solve this? I'm having the same problem.




    Thursday, July 17, 2008 10:26 AM