[need help] Error "1628 : Failed to complete installation" from InstallShield keeps coming! RRS feed

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  • Hi There

    I have this problem when I was trying to install a Game for Windows. The game is "Transformers-War for Cybertron". The following error appears when I clicked setup.exe.

    1628 : Failed to complete installation

    here is a video of what happened for more effective discussion...

    I have visited this site and do ALL the methods that are available....but the error is STILL appearing. I even repaired my OS (Windows XP) and update from the internet...and still not succeed.

    Any help can be very grateful...

    FYI (I don't know if this caused the error but maybe this could) : When I was trying to delete all the files inside C:\WINDOWS\temp ,  there is this file that cannot be deleted. I've visited a forum, and they are saying that the file is being used by a service program but are not visible. So that service cannot be terminated directly. Then they suggest to use the software called exctrlst.exe. I finally terminate the service program and successfully deleted almost all the files...there were 2 files left. Strangely I've terminated ALL the services but still cannot delete those 2 files. Then I decided to leave them. When I try again to click setup.exe....and again still not succeed. Then I realized...maybe there is some service that needs to be activated and some not. Since I terminated all the services...i don't know which one need to or not.

    Wednesday, August 4, 2010 1:40 PM


  • Solved and Closed! d-(^_^)z.....I Temporarily disable my antivirus program and got passed through the error. After i successfully installed the game, i reactivated the antivirus and start playing in a safe computer :)
    Saturday, August 7, 2010 4:49 PM