Sync the databases based on last updated date RRS feed

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      Hello Sir,

    In the following scenario, I have got problem that always client provision changes are overwritten by server provision changes.

    Server provision                                                 Client Provision   
    Table1                                                               Table1   
    Sno    Name     Email                     Phone                   Sno   Name       Email                      Phone
    1        Kiran     kiran@test.com                                   2      Ravi         Ravi@test.com        123456789
    2        Ravi      ravi@test.com                                     4      Naresh     naresh@test.com 
    3        Raj       Raj@test.com         1234567890         
    4        Naresh  naresh@test.com    1234565432         

    "In both server and client databases, Table1 has some changes.
    Now Synchronized the both server provision and client provision using UploadAndDownload method".
    in Client provision, for sno:2 has all the details. But after synchronization completed, Server provision data was overwritten in client provision for sno:2.

    After synchronization completed data as follows in both server and client provisions.

    Table1                                                                              Table1   
    Sno       Name               Email                     Phone               Sno           Name             Email                    Phone
    1          Kiran                 kiran@test.com                             1              Kiran              kiran@test.com 
    2          Ravi                  ravi@test.com                               2              Ravi               ravi@test.com 
    3          Raj                   Raj@test.com        1234567890      3              Raj                 Raj@test.com         1234567890
    4          Naresh              naresh@test.com   1234565432      4             Naresh            naresh@test.com    1234565432


    How to do the sync process based on latest changes if conflict occurred on single record in both server provision and client provision.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Koti Routhu


    Tuesday, December 13, 2016 12:23 PM