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  • Hi,

    I'm quite new to SyncServices, and I'm not seeing a straight forward way to allow the following:

    1) User has a largish database already local (CE 3.5)

    2) The User makes some changes locally.

    3) The User decides they want to get rid of all their changes and roll back to the "last server version".


    Obviously, Snapshot would allow them to do this, but the downside is that they are going to get everything. The DBs can be rather large, and the changes they've made may be small. Essentially, I want to do a "download only", but also overwrite any changes the client has made. GetChanges seems to be part of the answer, but I'm not seeing the "undo changes" part. Please note, there's no conflict in this scenario as the server has not updated the values. Just to make it more complicated, we're close to release, so we're trying to avoid a lot of server schema changes for this extra feature.


    Thanks in advance for any pointers...




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  • Hi Jim,


    I cannot think of a good way to deal with this situation given that the local changes could be insert/update/deletes. the currently release of the sync service doesn't have a way to "roll back" the local changes.


    a suggestion is to keep a local db copy right after the previous sync, so that you can copy back the saved db file if you want to get rid of the local changes make to the client db.




    Saturday, March 29, 2008 2:27 AM