How to Check whether KITL was working or not


  • Hi,

      I am working on WEC 2013 in visula studio 2015 on imx6ull evk board.I have a query on how to test the KITL whether it was working or not.

    I have builded my images by following thee procedure to enable the KITL. And I am able to download the images also with KITL enabled.

    I am not getting any exceptions or errors while running the image also.

    But I don't know whether the KITL is perfectly working or not as I am new to this.

    I tried to put some breakpoints and test but I don't know why the breakpoints are not taking in my VS2015.

    So can anyone suggest me how to know whether my KITL was working or not. 





    Monday, May 7, 2018 9:20 AM

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