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  • hello my nme is brenda I live in a small town in IN  been teaching myself the computer for the last five years since my son past away. I am a lone and teh computer helps me alot in reache everything I really that. Some how I got this message of victim of a counterfeit windows I bought the computer used and up graded it from parts they sell at purdue.I am disability and don't work so I live on a fix income so my computer has many parts I got from other computer they take apart and sell cheap which has been great for me.I wish is was younger and computers were around back when I was in school for I would love to build and reacher programs. Then hope to understand them to keep then working and learn them better. But I just don't know ho wI got this problem been trying to find out how and to fix it I have no disk just the number for the windows were already in it I just been fixing it so I could use it?

    I don't know ho wI found this sites but I am glad I did I hope it will help me for I want to get into DVD for I have lot of photo of my son growning up and and family get togethers which a lot of them are gone  now but I don;t want to loose what I got for it has been my life for the past 40yrs I took movies ,then photos and videos so now I need to learn how to put them on DVV I have a burner most of the stuff I got over 5yrs at prices I could afford.

       So if you could help me or know someone who could that would be my greatest gift for I miss my son and mother so much. And I want to keep the past alive for that was a wonderful time in my life . Well now you know I am gabby but I only talk on the computer every body is so busy these days tha tdon't have time I guess. Well thank you for anything just reading this. Have a great life for it is short as the years ago by. Brenda Kathy McCloud. maybe you would like to be email friend I would llike that ?

    Wednesday, July 26, 2006 3:44 PM


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