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  • My desktop crashed, but I was able to recover my documents, install a new hard drive and operating system.  I was running MS Money offline. I loaded Money Plus.  But I cannot open my old Money files.  The file starts and lists on old, nonworking email address and a blank password. I tried every password I could remember and also replacing the old email address with the one linked to my Microsoft account. Nothing works.  Suggestions?  Thank you.

    A. Sicard

    Sunday, October 29, 2017 1:11 PM

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  • I presume that your original file is from North America.  I also presume that you used credentials in the past that involved an email address and password both. If that is the case, you will need to have those same credentials that were in effect at the time the backup file was created. The password part is case-sensitive. It does not matter that the email address is nonworking. If it is what you last had told Money, that is what you must use.

    I would first disconnect from the internet by pulling the plug from your modem or whatever it takes. Alternatively block Money from accessing the Internet by using the Windows firewall. That is a good idea anyway, so if you want to do that now, ask how. Blocking Money from trying to access the Internet will be good going forward, but you could wait on that.

    I would next try restoring your newest backup (*.mbf file).  Close Money. In Windows explorer, right-click your newest backup file, and choose Open. That will start Money. You will get a "Name the Restored File" small window. Click Browse, and browse to your Documents folder. Pick a new name for the file. If you type  Sicard1, then the actual Money file will be called Sicard1.mny.

    If that restored file opens and works, great. You can then remove the kind of password you have now, and put a conventional password instead (or no password if that is appropriate). If you cannot get it to accept your credentials, keep trying. You will not get in without the password and email address that was in effect when the backup was made.

     If that restored file does not work, try using your second-newest or even older backup.

    Sunday, October 29, 2017 2:52 PM