Can't copy field codes into auto-correct RRS feed

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  • In word 2003, I have several auto-correct options that insert field codes.
    In 2007, I can't get the auto-correct options set up to do this.

    1.        With this document open in Word, press Alt+F9.

    2.        Highlight codes on the next line (starting at the R after the colon):
    Requirement 1 codes:    R1.

    3.        In Word 2003 and earlier: Go to Tools, Auto-Correct
    In Word 2007: Go to Auto-Correct (click windows icon in upper-left corner, click Word Options… button, click Proofing in left panel, click AutoCorrect Options… button)

    4.        Enter “shortcut” (e.g., req1)

    5.        Repeat for each Requirement code string; make sure you highlight the entire code string; for Requirement 5 that includes the period at the end.
    Requirement 2 codes:    R1.1.

    Requirement 3 codes:    R1.1.1.
    Requirement 4 codes     R1.1.1.1.
    Requirement 5 codes     R1.
    (where those = field codes that look something like this (this is R1.1):
    R{ SEQ Req1 \c \*MERGEFORMAT }.{ SEQ Req2 \n \*MERGEFORMAT }.{SEQ Req3 \r0 \h \*MERGEFORMAT }.{ SEQ Req4 \r0 \h \*MERGEFORMAT}.{ SEQ Req5 \r0 \h \*MERGEFORMAT }

    6.        Use this shortcut to enter the codes from now on.

    Tuesday, October 27, 2009 7:25 PM