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    Can a client ask the server to sync a new table via the SyncAdapterBuilder through the ApplyChanges interface?


    My scenario is that I would like the client to ask the server to set up sync for a table that was never sync'd before.


    Where is SyncAdapterBuilder expected to be used when a 2-tier connection the server does NOT exist? I am asking how this interface is exposed through the WCF contract. If it is NOT exposed, how do I expose it through a contract and through hosting the WCF contract via IIS?


    What I am asking is after retrieving the schema from the server via GetSchema, is there an easy way to "PUT" the schema to my local SDF? I'm lookign for an obkect that will take the dataset, and just create the table and it's schema!

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  • First of all teh syncAdapterBuilder( and the syncAdapter ) are server side component so that they should reside on the IIS web server application under a Ntier configuration.


    secondly, the syncAdapterBuilder NEEDs the sqlconnection in order to get table schema to build the commands.


    in this case, I would suggest to add a web method in your web service to create the sync adapter and assign it to your provider. you also need to change the sync agent's sync table accordly on client side so the sync can pick up the newly added table.


    hope this helps.




    Saturday, March 29, 2008 2:15 AM