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  • I am trying to send an email right now with a couple of attachments. Every time I click insert/file I have to wait for it to scan my entire device. I know which folder my files are in, why can't I set the folder and then just display that folder?
    This is a problem all throughout Windows Mobile too, not just in the mobile Outlook. It does this same thing when trying to play music. I know where my music is stored, let me point to that folder and the device can ignore everything else.
    Maybe give an option to search the entire device every time for the people out there who don't know, but for the vast majority of us, let us specify. A 10 second email just took me 10 minutes because I had to wait for my entire to be scanned every time. And to make it even worse, after it scanned the entire device, it could not read the folder (because it wass inside another folder on my storage card, I had to move it to the root of the storage card).

    So please, in the next version of Windows Mobile, let the user specify the folder before the device starts scanning, and let the device see sub folders on the storage card (when attaching files in Outlook Mobile, and everywhere else pon the device).

    This is WM6.1 pro
    Wednesday, February 18, 2009 3:46 PM

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  • I agree with you...it is a pain attaching documents to emails and takes way too long to do so.  One approach I use that alleviates this somewhat is, instead of creating an email and then attaching a document to it, I'll use File Explorer to navigate to the document.  Then I can press & hold my stylus on the document until a popup menu appears and I can select "SEND" from the menu.

    This will attach the file to a blank email and take me into the messaging application where I can specify who I want to send the email to and input a message.  Of course this only works if I only want to attach one document to an email, but I've found it is easier and faster to send 3 separate emails with one attached document for each email than it is to attach 3 documents to a single email.

    Prof Julie, Microsoft MVP Mobile Devices | http://frommypocket.pocketprimer.com/
    Wednesday, February 18, 2009 9:32 PM