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    I have encounter an issue with shared folder hung when saving an excel workbook. We would like to have some advice from your end to see if there is any workaround to it.

    Recently we have implemented an Win 2K8 server (Std edition) and have encounter an issue which causes the shared folder to hung. It require a reboot of the server before the shared folder is able to response to other uses request.

    After troubleshooting for some time, we found that if the user save a current Excel file which is of a “Shared Workbook” in nature, this problem occurs. We recommended the users not to shared the workbook as a workaround but unfortunatly, recently, a user complain that the shared folder hung again. After checking, it was found that a normal excel file was causing this issue.

    The customer is currently using office 2k3.

    I have done some research and all answers are requesting us to upgrade the current office from 2k3 to 2k8, but that is not feasible as the coprotae does not allows us to do that, does any one here have any idea on it?



    Wee Beng

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