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  • I am running Communicator 2007 the latest build (.111) and have it installed on an Acer Aspire One running Windows 7 beta. I go through the Setup Audio and Video and it recognizes the laptops built in speakers and microphone just fine and the level meter shows the microphone picking up audio just fine. I then place a call and the level meter in the Communicator UI doesn't move likes it not picking up audio and of course the other party cannot hear anything. I then recorded something with Sound Recorder and played it back just to make sure the mic was indeed working and it was. I went through the Audio and Video setup again, same thing, showed the level meter moving on the built in mic while I was talking but again when I placed a call, no audio. Next I plugged in a GN 2000 USB OC headset and ran through the Audio and Video setup again using the headset for the headset and the built in mic and speakers for the speakerphone. Again both headset and built in mic showed picking up audio. I placed a call and the headset worked great picking up the audio but when I switched to speakerphone the speakers worked, but no mic.

    Just wondering if I might have something setup wrong or if there is a problem with Communicator and Windows 7?

    Thanks in advance for any input.

    Friday, January 23, 2009 2:02 PM

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