This Ole Man and Dell's Support People Can't get my emails to work after after at lease 12 hours on my computer???????????? RRS feed

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    1. Everything was fine on our new Dell computer for 3+ months, using Windows 10 until last week when I cleaned our MSN history, it ran for about an hour. After that the mouse would freeze, then the page would say non responsive, for hours this went on. We contacted Dell and after 3 hours of the gentlemen running every PC cleaner known to man, including our Malware, our cccleaner and many more he said your PC is fine now. We go to bed and in the AM no emails in either our Hotmail or our #1 acct. which is Windows Live Mail. Another day of hours of watching them try to get our emails. We even opened a new Gmail acct. and it worked fine, loading straight from Google. We went directly to Our Bright House Tampabay.rr.com acct. and it worked perfect but still no Tampabay.rr.com. Windows Live mail from that Roadrunner.com, after more hours they did get our Hotmail acct. back, in the ONE combined location, Windows LIVE on top and Hotmail below it.  Today another 3 hours of them trying to get the Roadrunner to feed the Widows Live, I called Roadrunner and they helped me reset the Pop Servers correctly and the ports correctly, still no Windows Live mail in that one location along with the working Hotmail. We really like Windows live to Brighthouse Roadrunner, can some one Please Help an Ole Man???   :-(     :-)
    Tuesday, December 1, 2015 9:28 PM