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  • At several junctures in my life so far with Live Mesh, I've found myself not knowing which folder is on which machine.  At one point I unaccountably at two folders with exactly the same name on my (online) Live Desktop, and I didn't know which was which, which to delete, etc.

    So: I'm wondering (1) if it is possible to sync two folders with different names, such as "Docs_Home" and "Docs_Office," (2) if it is possible to rename two folders in such a way after they've already been made Live Mesh folders and synced, and (3) if there could be, or is, a clearer guide/faq showing how to do this.

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  • Hi,

    Your scenarios (1) and (2) are possible, but the problem is that we don’t currently have a clean, easy way to accomplish them.  Assuming in case (1) that there’s a single Live Mesh folder that you're trying to sync as Docs_Home on one device and Docs_Office on another, it can be done, but the experience isn't the greatest at the moment.  For (2), the best way to rename Live Mesh folders is to fully unmap (i.e., stop synchronizing) the folder you want to rename; rename the folder on the local device; and then re-map (i.e., start synchronizing) that folder with its new name.  It is also best to do this when things are already fully in sync.  And it's very possible that you'll experience various problems (e.g., file conflicts) during the re-sync process.

    For (3), we have our help pages (click the Help icon on the Live Desktop, or in the notifier), but I'm not sure that's as complete as what you're looking for.  That would be a good thing to add to our Wish List, though. :)

    I hope that helps,

    Tuesday, September 2, 2008 8:05 PM