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  • ajax control toolkit is what every body want to make it  PART of his/her website!first'f all thanks to Microsoft!

    but for me the things are not same...

    i'v Vis.Std2008 ,now i'v added AJAX CONTROL TOOLKIT successfully to my toolbox.

    even when i am dragging and droping the control..and accordingly like asp.net wesite suggest and all otherwebsite suggest they are added successfully ...

    i m taking script manager....after that... any ajax control....and adding functionality on them as asp.net tutorial says...

    but when i am running my website the ajax controls r not working!dont know what the prob is but i rmber that a prob is coming in some case

    that a refrense of "SYSTEM.WEB.UI.EXTENSION" assembly is not found !  i'v also gave refrense of "SYSTEM.WEB.UI.EXTENSION" to my form!but still the situation is same!

    here we r atleast 32 student facing the same prob. means the problm has a fact!which MICROSOFT only can deal!!

    i think there is smthing extra we have to do after installing ajax control!!HELP PLEASE!!!!

    Saturday, October 23, 2010 2:52 PM


  • You would probably get better answers in one of the asp.net forums instead of the training and certification one. However, from the way that you describe the problem (System.Web.Extensions not found), I suspect that you may have mixed the versions of AJAX and the Control Toolkit. If you are using the version of the Toolkit that was developed for VS2005, it will be trying to reference the Extensions assembly from that version of AJAX, and it will fail to load the with the version from VS2008. I suggest that you verify the versions that you are using. If this fails, then it would be better to ask on an asp.net forum.

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    Sunday, October 24, 2010 9:26 AM