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  • i am writing my smart device project in C# and with databases created in SQL 2005..

    where the SQL database will reside in the server and via remot connection we will
    retreive the information and update it..

    i have several question according to my project and i hope to find the answers here

    i want to include a motional picture " GIF", i tired to include it but the motion did not appeare.. it was a static picture. so how could i do that?


    I seek for a sample application written using C#.net and SQL 2005 to help me in the idea of how to deal with SQL 2005 in remot connection, updating and reteiving the DB but i did not find anything related to that, any help?


    can i include image background, i read all the topics discuss that but i did not find anything help me... i want a clear way if it is possible


    one last thing, i want to use a treeview but with an image in every index ( root or child) is it possible?


    Sorry for all these questions

    Thanks in advance

    Sunday, April 29, 2007 3:08 PM


  • 1. Animated gif support does not exist in Compact Framework. There is an AnimatedGif control in OpenNETCF SDF 2.1

    2. Treeview can have an image at every node. Set the ImageList property to an instance of an imagelist with 16x16 image and the ImageIndex property to 0. This will set the default item image. SelectedImageIndex allows setting a different image for a currently selected item. You can also set an image per item using TreeItem.ImageIndex

    3. There is a mumber of webcasts dealing with data on mobile devices here. Start with this one

    Sunday, April 29, 2007 3:16 PM