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  • It's been a few months since I installed Onecare on 3 systems.  I believe I used the same id on all three of them.  I cannot seem to get my laptop to connect to my main home pc.  I do not get a ping reply when onceare is running, but when I turn it off I get a reply with no issues and can connect. 
         The problem is this:  I show the "manage your circle" option on the laptop, but DO NOT see this option on my main home PC or the secondary pc at home.  I do not want to make the laptop a hub.  Why can I only see the "Mange your OneCare circle" option on one system(laptop) and not the others?  In fact I believe that I installed OneCare one the main PC first.  I have two live id's.  If I mistakenly used one for one install and one for the other could that have an impact on this? Again I really don't think I made the second ID when I installed the firewall initially.  It is frustrating not being able to share files without having to disable onceare all the time.  help me Smile
    Tuesday, December 18, 2007 1:21 AM


  • First of all, to get the PCs to respond to pings, you need to go to the advanced settings under the firewall dialog in OneCare/Change Settings and in the Ports and Protocols list, you need to enable ICMPv4 Inbound.

    For the Circle question, the manage your circle will appear if the PC is running 2.0. If all PCs are on 2.0 production (either upgraded from 1.6 or new install from http://onecare.live.com ) and not the beta code *and* activated with the same LiveID (Open One Care, Help/About to see your subscription ID) you will see the other PCs on your hub, but the option to manage the Circle will appear on the other PCs - you just can't actually manage the circle unless you make the PC a hub.


    Tuesday, December 18, 2007 3:00 AM