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  • Here is what happened.  My copy of Windows was getting extremely slow, so I reinstalled it using a fresh copy.  I did not reformat my hard drive while doing this.  When I navigated to the folder that held my Microsoft Office files, the programs would not work on opening (said that they had insufficient RAM, which was not true).  Guessing that this was an issue with the Windows re-installation, I also reinstalled Microsoft Office (I did not delete any files, just inserted the disc and clicked install).  The install went through and validated, and the programs will open, but they have many issues.  Microsoft Outlook, for example, will not open the file import/export tab, so I can't import my backed up emails (which is really need right now), and I cannot open my account settings to link the software to any email accounts.  I have not seen any issues so far with the other programs, but have not really used them yet beyond opening and closing.

    How do I solve this issue?  My computer is running quickly now and I have reinstalled all of the drivers required, but office is giving me some serious issues that I need fixed as soon as possible.  I do not have the windows installation disk at the moment, but I do have the office installation disk.  Do I need to do a reformat and reinstallation of windows?  Can i somehow wipe office off of my computer entirely, including the version from the previous installation of windows, and reinstall clean so it will finally work?  Please help.
    Friday, May 1, 2009 7:55 PM


  • Hello Gordon,

    Thank you for visiting our Office Genuine Advantage forum today. Unfortunately the problem you are experiencing falls outside the support scope for both Office and Windows Genuine Advantage.  The problem may have been exasperated by installing Windows and Office without first reformatting the hard drive. Your hard drive may have already had preexisting complications such as corrupt files, maleware, fragmented hard drive, etc. As a rule of thumb if the computer has preexisting complications it is best to reformat the hard drive. This can alleviate the complications as well as potential new ones induced by installing Windows on top of the preexisting Windows. Now there may be two needles in the haystack "so to speak" you would have to chase down causing more time than what would have been by backing up data, hard drive reformatting, and a clean installation of Windows. My recommendation is backing up your data and perform a complete reinstallation. Next please make sure you visit Windows Update and install all the critical updates for Windows and Office. It is a lot of work but in the long run you will save time and the computer will perform faster. 

    Thank you Gordon,

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