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  • The past few days we experienced a strange behavior working with MSMQ in our 4 servers using Windows Server 2008.

    We have aplications developed using MSMQ 3.0 (with the COM component) and we extensively use the Multicasting aproach. We didn't modified any of our systems to work with the MSMQ 4.0 api, and we started losing messages. We know of the lose because our systems have a secuence validation.

    Also, we developed a quick app using the same aproach (multicast) and we are able to repeat the same behavior. At the same time we have 2 servers with windows server 2003, wich no present the behavior (and they are older). The 6 servers have the same systems (ours) installed and the configurations are equal, including registry variables for MSMQ, and listening at the same multicast port.

    Another server is the origin point of all the messages. Our app there puts in the app.specific the sequence number that our 6 servers validate. Also, the sequences the 4 servers with windows 2008 loses are not equal, but our test app can lose the same messages again and again.

    We already tested diabling the second network interface in the newest servers (leting them as the old ones with only one connection), verified drivers version, configurations, deactivated firewalls and checked permissions.

    Also, the old servers are in 32-bits and the newest are in 64-bits

    Do you have any Idea of waths happening and how can we fix it?

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