CDR & QOE database on same server as RTC RRS feed

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  • Can I get a confimation of what is officially supported.


    My two questions are_

    1. If I have a dedicated instance to RTC then is it supported to have a second instance with the LCSLOG & QOEMertics on the same server. (I am 90% sure it is)
    2. For the LCSLOG & QOEMetrics (plus Report Server) can they run in the same instance or do I need an instance for each DB (to be officially supported)


    From my reading the RTC database must be in its own dedicated instance which it can't share with any other databases such as CDR (LCSLOG) & I presume QOE (QOEMetrics)

    • "Collocation of the Archiving and CDR Database with the Back-End Database for an Enterprise Pool is not supported"
    • "The server running the Back-End Database can host other SQL applications, as long as they are hosted in different SQL instances; the SQL Server instance that hosts the Office Communications Server Back-End Database must be dedicated"

    I have not found anything about co-locating CDR & QOE, if it is officially supported or not.


    I know there will be a performance hit but it is much more cost efficient for us to throw ram, cpu & san disks at the problem rather then multiple servers.



    Friday, March 14, 2008 2:13 PM


  • I have been told that CDR and QoE must run in separate SQL instance

    So then you would have 3 instances on your FE

    Wednesday, March 19, 2008 8:35 PM

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