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  • Hi Guys, Ok so for the last few weeks i've been trying to fix this but i cant and now im all out of ideas so im hoping someone here will be able to.

    The problem occurs when im installing a game, after a minute or two while its installing my memory usage will start increasing and it does this all the way up to 99% where it will sit until i reboot my pc.

    Now this only happens when i install a game, i can do ANYTHING else and its fine ie play games, encode videos, move files etc etc all fine.

    Right, things ive tried so far...
    First thing i did was open task manager and see what was using up the memory unfortunately there wasn't anything there that was using it even so i still shut down every single process and it still was at 99% memory usage (btw this takes forever to do when your memory is maxed out)
    I tried running sfc/scannow (nothing wrong)
    Next thing i did was run memtest 86+ all night (10 hours) No Errors
    After that i ran prime95 blend test all night (10 hours) No Errors
    Then i ran disk doctor on all my HDDs and fixed any problems it found
    After all that didnt help i decided to format my pc and start afresh so i reinstalled vista 64 thinking this has got to fix it, but no it didnt.
    This all just happened out of the blue after my system was running fine for nearly a year.

    Im all out of ideas guys so please, if you think of anything please post.
    Thanks for reading, take it easy.
    Monday, July 27, 2009 3:34 PM

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  • These are not user support forums, but developer support forums.

    Contact the manufacturer of the game that is giving you trouble for support.  From your post, it seems like you don't necessarily understand what a memory leak is or how to effectively diagnose and resolve it.
    Monday, July 27, 2009 7:10 PM