My Sound both output and input RRS feed

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  • When you checked my sound, you responded that it needed to to be on default. You then showed me the are

    and it simpky needed to be checked on in the default box 



    Then you ran it again it and your response was :  it needed to be default Yhe exact same message. That makes no sence since default was marked! Please explain. I am running  Windows XP Serice pack 3. I am in the support program for Microsoft.

    Please let me know, why when I give YOU permission to fix it for me, would you then want  me to put a check mark? Then when you  ran  it again you post the same error mesage as before " needs to be on default( which I had just done)  you log off!  I tried everything to get you back, since nothing was resolvved

    Normally you askways changed things when permission was granted! I was left in the dark when I received the very same message again.


     Also, Sorry I type so slow, I needed my classes,  I am not good at typing or reading small print  that is why I need sound so I can play the video instead!

    Tks for your help Chanel cm_inca@hotmail.com







    Friday, October 21, 2011 12:51 AM