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  • I have two questions.

    I've managed to get the environment setup as per the WRK README.  I'm using Virtual PC 2007 under Windows XP SP2 and have Windows 2003 Server, Enterprise SP1 installed in the VM (which boots).

    I've tried building the kernel in the VM which when done (no obvious errors) still had the build\EXE directory empty.  I realized building inside the VM was a fool's errand so I tried building it on the host (ie. XP) and it built fine.  Then I copied the build\EXE\wrk* to \windows\system32 on the VM and copied all the HAL dlls there as well.

    When I tried booting this new kernel it complained about not finding a HAL.  The README was a bit confusing on this topic as by default it should work and since I'm not using an MP machine/VM as written I figured I didn't need to deal with that.  Well I managed to get past that by using the halacpim.dll (by using /hal:halacpim.dll in boot.ini) but when that boots I get the splash screen then for a fraction of a second I see a BSOD then the VM resets.  This is a completely stock build, meaning I took the sources and build as described in the README and didn't change any code.

    My first question is, what HAL should I be using (according to the README, this was the right one) and how do I stop the auto reset in the VM so I can get the info off the blue screen (might help me solve the first part)?

    The second question is, where can I find a build identifier that I can change to distinguish between various iterations of a kernel that I produce?  I can easily change the names of the files (ie. build\EXE\wrk*) and reflect that in boot.ini but is there some kind of build number or identifier that I can change such that when using the nice sysinternals bginfo (or similar tool) the kernel I'm using can be distinguished while running.  I realize this is moot since I can't even boot a custom kernel yet but I'm trying to think ahead.  I've grepped though the source tree looking for 'build' and 'ident' but didn't find anything obviously tweakable.

    Thanks in advance.
    Friday, July 6, 2007 4:54 PM