Other communication channels? RRS feed

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  • Dear colleagues,

    Our forums are not exactly overloaded with activity, so I'd like to ask everybody: what do you think about establishing other communication channels, such as a discussion mailing list or a newsletter? In both cases you subscribe to a mailing list. But in case of a newsletter, we (Windows Academic Program) send all the subscribers messages with the news, while in the case of a discussion list every subscriber can post a message. In other words, the discussion list works like a forum, but it all happens in your mail box. Let's discuss this.

    And another question: would you like us to post here information about Windows Academic workshops we conduct now and then around the world? Would you like to have pre-announcements ("such-and such workshop will take place then and there")? Would you like us to post and discuss "trip reports"?

    Monday, April 20, 2009 11:08 PM