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    Ok let me try to explain this...

    I had a friend purchase windows live one care for both his laptops which were new. I started the install process with him but then had to leave. Well he is not the most tech savvy person and here is the problem:


    He cannot activate his One Care subscription. He said he didn't remember ever typing in an  email address etc.. well when i go into his live one care it says

    #1 that he needs to activate it

    #2 I checked under one care help and found the id he used: lets say its snoopyjoe for giggles.

    #3 so I tried to activate it using the serial code on the box we bought  and it said something like the account was already registered...

    Well seeing as it has only ever been used on his two computers... uugggh


    he has me so thoroughly confused. I was hoping to actually talk to a real person and get this resolved.


    It's so hard to type this out and try to explain... basically my friend is a ditz.. clicked a bunch of buttons.. doesn't remember what he did.. and now neither of his laptops can get out of the "red" on his onecare subscription and I have NO clue how to fix it....


    Maybe people will ask questions and I can explain it more by answering their questions. I'm just worried as his laptops aren't being protected right now and don't want something to infect them etc...


    any help would be greatly appreciate! I know this is a bit rambling.. so hopefully we can work out what needs to be done with some answers and questions hahaha

    Tuesday, June 3, 2008 9:25 PM


  • First of all, if OneCare was installed and not activated, your friend is still basically protected. If it has dropped into expired mode, then some functions are unavailable, but protection is still available.


    The key to this is that Help/About contains a subscription ID. If it has a subscription ID shown, it was activated. Further, if trying to activate returns an error that the product key has already been used, then it has. If there is a subscribe link in OneCare, then there should not be a subscription ID shown in Help/About *unless* the activation process failed.


    So, let's do the following.


    Go to http://billing.microsoft.com and sign in with the subscription ID you see under Help/About. Is there a OneCare subscription listed? Is it active?


    Check the computer date and time. Is it correct? If not, change it and reboot.


    Open OneCare and click Check for Updates. What happens?


    What bothers me is that you describe two computers being in this state. Is there other security software on both PCs or was there and it was perhaps not completely removed prior to installing OneCare? That may be causing the subscription credentials from being updated correctly.


    You may want to consider uninstalling OneCare from one PC and reinstalling it after confirming that no other security software is on the PC and that the date and time are correct. Then, click the subscribe link in OneCare and log in with the LiveID shown as the subscription ID. If that tells you that you need a subscription, but entering the product key tells you that the key has been used, you will need to contact support to determine what ID was used to activate the subscription.

    How to reach support (FAQ) - http://forums.microsoft.com/WindowsOneCare/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=2421771&SiteID=2



    Wednesday, June 4, 2008 3:51 PM