One care says that I am missing high priority windows updates - windows updates web site says that I have them all. RRS feed

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  • On system reboot, One Care nags me with "yellow" - This pc is missing required updates from Microsoft. And, it does this when the Tune Up automatically runs.


    Each time I click on the button to "go to the web site", MS Updates says that I am "missing no high priority updates".


    Ok - First of all .. it is pitiful that the reports in One Care tell you "something" is missing, but they don't tell you "what" is missing. I find this pathetic. Secondly, when I go to the web sites, the windows updates say that I am missing no high priority updates. Plus, my computer is on the automatic updates and my software is all legit, and I have all service packs.. anyway, if one care just told me what it thought was missing, it would be fixable.


    Secondly, the help system is the worst I have seen Microsoft do. I expect so much more from Microsoft. Symantec and others provide MUCH more detailed reports and have MUCH better help. This surprises me.


    Anyway, MS should immediately fix this software and NOT tell users and that things are broken without it clearly and easily telling them WHAT is broken or missing.


    All of the summary and history reports with all the "totals" are nothing but the marketing of the software to make users believe the software is really doing something - it needs to have drill downs that are easily accessible to tell the user "what" it did - not just that it fixed 6 files.. what 6 files did it fix - SPECIFICALLY.

    Wednesday, March 5, 2008 1:05 PM