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  • Have been using Money98 since new, it updated automaticaly and now won't open any files.

    Tried uninstalling the new version but can't reinstall Money98

    So, there I am, I can't convert my data to a newer format, and I can't get Money 98 to install. Losing all that data is not an option I am willing to consider unless there is a solution then I'll really be screwed.

    The data was backed up on every occasion the programme was used. HELP please urgently

    Saturday, January 18, 2014 2:55 PM

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  • Money 98 includes 16-bit code so will not run, and probably will not install, on any 64-bit version of Windows. Money would not update from 98 to any newer version automatically.

    Assuming you are in the US, you should install Money 95 US from the second post in this forum as an intermediate conversion step and then uninstall Money 95 and install Sunset in your current version of Windows. Just copy across and open the latest .mny data file - the converted version from Money 2005 to open in Sunset. Be sure to keep a secure copy of the original data file.

    What versions of Windows were you using and are you using now? Is your current version of Windows a 64-bit version?

    If your current version of Windows is 64-bit and you have an installable copy of 32-bit Windows you could install that in VirtualBox https://www.virtualbox.org/ and then Money 98 in that.

    Saturday, January 18, 2014 6:27 PM
  • Thank you for your reply.

    I am not in the USA and am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit OS. Money 98 was installed and has been running quite satifactorily for the past few years thereon, as indeed it was since first getting the programme when new on all the versions of Windows since Windows 3 on various machines. An automatic update ran last week and it hasn't worked since and has caused me no amount of vexation. Why on earth these people have to "fix something that ain't broke" is beyond me.

    What I would really like to do is get back to my tried and trusted Money 98, do you have any idea how to achieve this please? I don't think that I have any of the previous versions of Windows now, did some fairly drastic tidying up at my wife's insistence recently ;~}

    After several abortive attempts found a "FREE" copy of Money which turns out to be a trial version and is not nearly as intuitive as Money 98. Not a happy bear !


    Monday, January 20, 2014 3:55 PM
  • If a system update caused Money 98 to stop working the only thing you can do - not advisable - is use System Restore to go back to a state where Money 98 works and not perform any future updates.

    Download and install the appropriate regional version of Money 2005 from the links in the second post in this forum - I assume you are in a region for which Money 2005 was released http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Money. This will convert your Money data file to Money 2005 format. Keep the download safe: the links may break and the download become unobtainable in the future.

    Money is no longer supported. Be aware that eventually there are likely to be changes in Windows which make all versions of Money unusable, other than in an older version of Windows in a virtual machine. You can Google for Windows 98: it can be found and downloaded with keys. You will need a VM with Windows 98 additions such as VMWare Player https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/free#desktop_end_user_computing/vmware_player/6_0 .

    Monday, January 20, 2014 4:48 PM
  • Mike,

    Can you confirm the following,

    1) You are are running Windows Ultimate 64-bit

    2) This has/had Money 98 (UK version) installed on in some years ago and until last week ran fine.

    3) You installed just the January Patch Tuesday updates and then Money 98 stopped working.

    4) After it stopped working, you have been unable to to re-install Money 98 (even though you had

        originally installed it fine some years ago). 

    5) You do not have any full system backups (eg Windows System Image, Acronis or Paragon backups)

        so you cannot revert your system back to exactly how it was before the January Patch Tuesday updates. 

    Can you tell us what error you get when you try and re-install Money 98 ?

    Tuesday, January 21, 2014 8:21 AM
  • 1) Yes
    2) Yes
    3) Yes
    4) Yes, reinstalled 2012 when I had to reinstall Windows
    5) No, I tried to use Windows Recovery without success
    6) The attachment shows the screen on trying to reinstall, the right hand part is the second monitor.

    PS That was in an attempted email reply, can't see how to send an attachment with this. It just showed the initial Money98 installing screen with a blank dialogue box and the stalled progress indicator.

    Many thanks

    Tuesday, January 21, 2014 8:36 PM
  • Unfortunately I cannot see the screen print but never mind.

    Have you tried running the install executable in compatibility mode ? You can right click the

    install executable and select the properties. Then select the compatibility tab and there will

    be a drop-down list of various modes in which you can run the program. Select which is the most

    suitable. If one doesn't work try an earlier one. 

    Regarding point 5 you say you used Windows Recovery. I assume you mean you went back to

    a previous restore point ? There are various different terminology for restoring your system and

    they all have an effect on what *EXACTLY* is done. The examples I gave in the earlier post relate

    to *COMPLETE* images of your system. When you restore using one of those methods, the disk

    is restored to it's previous state. I think you have probably used a Restore Point which just reverts

    certain changed parts of the system back to how they were before the restore point was taken. 

    You should also check to see if you still have the changes from Patch Tuesday applied to your system.

    If you go into Windows Update and select View Installed Updates you will get a list of fixes applied

    and the date on which they were applied. From there you should be able to see how many you actually

    applied. This months Patch Tuesday was small, so you should have only applied about 4 or 5 fixes.

    Once you have that list of fixes (they're all prefixed with KB, followed by a number) from this month you

    need to check if they are still applied. Select Control Panel and then Programs and Features.. This

    will give a list of all installed programs. Near the top left hand corner of this display there is an option

    which says "View installed updates". Select that and the list should expand to show all the fixes applied.

    Scroll down to near the the end and Windows as a component should be shown.

     Try and find those fixes from January in that list. If they are shown then you have

    *NOT* removed any of the changes. Fixes can be uninstalled manually/individually by right clicking the

    entry and selecting uninstall. Be aware that, should you uninstall a fix, your system will obviuosly become

    (potentially) exposed to the problem that the fix was addressing. 

    I realise that's quite a lot to read and digest but I'm trying to check what fixes you have applied and

    whether you have been able to revert the system back to the state it was before Patch Tuesday.

    Unfortunately, I do not have a 64-bit system with Money 98 to try this out on myself.

    Wednesday, January 22, 2014 8:33 AM
  • Well that was a very detailed reply for which I thank you for taking all that trouble although unfortunately, even though I think that I have followed it to the letter, I don't seem to be any further forward.

    I found the updates from 15 Jan. there were four; three in the installed list and an additional one in the update history list.

    KB2913602, KB2913431, KB2862330 and the fourth KB890830

    I deleted all of them having deleted the Money programme again, 2005 I think, then tried several installs of Money98 starting with SP3 and finishing at the compatibility with Windows 98 all with the same result of the programme stalling at the first page.

    I wondered about using the Sunset version but part of the blurb says that it cannot convert regional non US file versions which I assume my programme is.

    I have now switched automatic updates off, bit late I know :~{ as Microsoft are obviously not to be trusted any more and I am most reluctant to fork out from my meagre pension for a replacement programme for a perfectly good one which was destroyed by Microsoft.

    Is there a way of attaching a file to this forum reply to show you the screen shot?

    Thank you again


    Thursday, January 23, 2014 9:59 AM
  • Sorry to hear that you made no progress.

    Even though I have had recent problems with Patch Tuesday Updates I would recommend that you DO apply them.

    I have my Windows Updates setting so that I get notification of the updates but they do not get applied automatically.

    Furthermore, I have a test machine that runs the same mix of software as my main desktop , so I do apply them there

    first to see if anything obviously breaks.

    Regarding your immediate problem, I would recommend that you investigate using Windows XP Mode in Windows 7.

    This was a facility shipped in Windows Professional and Ultimate (your version) which enables you to install and run

    programs in an isolated Windows XP virtual environment. It was designed primarlily for application migration but you

    could use it long-term or as a stepping stone to running Money 2005 UK (QFE) on Windows 7.


    It involves activating Windows XP Mode and then installing a Windows XP image into a virtualised environment.

    Once done, you can install programs (Money 98 in your case) in the "virtual" Windows XP environment but access

    them from your Windows 7 desktop.

    Here is a link to give the basic details.


    There are many other articles on the Web about it, just use Windows XP mode as the search criteria.

    Once you have Money 98 running, I would recommend that you install the Money 2005 UK (QFE) version from

    the sticky thread at the top of this forum list in your Windows 7 environment. The install executable is a complete

    install of the Money 2005 UK product. Once that is done, you should be able to take your Money 98 file from

    your virtualised XP environment and attempt to convert it for Money 2005. I and many others are using Money 2005 UK

    on Windows 7 without any problems. 


    I apologise if this sems like even more things to try but I cannot think of another means by which you can migrate your

    Money 98 data. Please post back if you need more clarification.

    Thursday, January 23, 2014 1:42 PM
  • Wow! That was quite a steep learning curve but I think that I did most of the procedure correctly. I have got the virtual machine running, although its screen size is only about half the size of the monitor size and I cannot increase it.

    I have installed Windows XP on the virtual machine and then installed Money 98 therein, apparently successfully.

    When trying to open a Money file, that I have copied into the virtual machine folder which appears to be the only way Money can see it, I can select the file and am then asked whether to backup or not. Selecting either option gets me a quick flash on the screen as though it is trying to open but then goes immediately to the Money home screen again.

    Some of the Money.mny files appear to have had their extension changed to *.M11, *.MN6 or *.mbf somehow, not sure when that happened but I think it was probably when the trial version of Money 2008 was loaded, now removed.

    I loaded and ran 2005 in Windows 7 as you suggested which seemed to work except, that none of the Split entries were shown and those of course are where the majority of Cash transactions are recorded. That was before loading the Virtual machine. Not tried loading any of the 2000 series programmes again yet, should I?

    I do hope that you can help clear this mess up for me


    Sunday, January 26, 2014 3:19 PM
  • As Dominic says, Money takes a copy of the file it is about to convert and names it as per the version.

    Hopefully, the MN6 file will be your Money 98 data. Better still, if you have a (manual) backup of your

    Money 98 data file from before all these proboems started then even better, try and use that.

    I would try and get Money 98 working correctly on the XP virtual machine first if you can. You can

    then decide if you wish to continue to use Money 98 or migrate to Money 2005. If you do decide to

    try and migrate the data file, take manual backups of your data file before you start.

    I cannot stress enough the importance of having backups.

    I'm a little confused by the comment "Not tried loading any of the series 2000 programmes again yet, should I".

    My understanding was that the XP mode virtual machine was just to run Money 98. Do you have other software

    that fails on Windows 7 ? Apologies for my misunderstanding if that is the case.

    • Edited by AshleyST Monday, January 27, 2014 8:58 AM Tidy up
    Monday, January 27, 2014 8:57 AM
  • Hello to you both and thank you again,

    Before I found my way to the Forum I looked on the Web for any help where I found one or two posts that sounded encouraging. The first one I tried indicated that iI would never get Money98 working again and should download one of the more modern programmes and so I opted for one which proclaimed that it was a free programme. As I said before, I am most reluctant to fork out for another programme to replace one which was working perfectly satisfactorily until the Microsoft update ruined it. It turned out that the programme was a 90 day trial and I didn’t like it nearly as much as the 98 version although it did seem to open my file.

    I then came across another article advising that I try the 2005 version and if that didn’t work correctly to try an even earlier one as a bridge, this I did but things got even worse; so I then tried a System Restore and got into an even bigger mess.

    That’s when I found the Forum and elicited your help for which I am very grateful but it transpires that what I really need is key by key instructions as from your comments I obviously have not installed the virtual drive correctly (it’s an age thing!). I assumed that it was to all intents and purposes the same as a new hard drive without the physical presence.

    Dominic said

    “If your current version of Windows is 64-bit and you have an installable copy of 32-bit Windows you could install that in VirtualBox https://www.virtualbox.org/ and then Money 98 in that.”

    So that’s what I did; Windows XP from the CD and then Money98 from its CD, but in his last post, two up from here, says

    “You should not have installed XP in the virtual machine - if that is what you did (as you state)”.

    No wonder I’m confused! Do I now uninstall the drive along with the XP OS and therefore Money 98 and start again? If so how, key by key if you would please???

    Since writing the above I have found VirtualBox and installed that which I rather think is the programme that Dominic intended in the first place. However now I have no idea how to install Money98 if indeed I need to and in any event how to open a Money or any other file within the virtual machine.

    Reading the Help file has not been of any help either, I think that I have managed to decipher some of the language therein but I cannot find how to install and run Money98. The menu options contained therein do not seem to bear any relation to the menus shown in the programme.

    In answer to your last Ashley; no, non of the other software has failed in Windows 7 probably because no idiot from Microsoft has tried to upgrade it whilst it is working perfectly satisfactorily.
    Tuesday, January 28, 2014 3:55 PM
  • Mike,

    Thanks for the update.

    I recommended that you try Windows XP mode as I assumed you did not have any Windows XP install media.

    With Windows XP mode, Microsoft provide a Windows XP image to download and in conjunction with their

    virtualisation product called Virtual PC they provide the virtual machine functionality.

    As you have found out, VirtualBox is a product from Oracle that also provides virtual machine functionality.

    I have used VirtualBox to run Windows under Linux and found it a very good product. 

    As you have VirtualBox installed you should check the following,

    1) Ensure you have installed the VirtualBox Extension pack in VirtualBox. This provides added functions

    to VirtualBox including USB 2.0 support. It's the additional download on the VirtualBox download page.

    2) Ensure you have installed VirtualBox Guest Additions within the Guest. I should add some terminology

    here. The Host is the machine running the VirtualBox software (in your case Windows 7 Ultimate). The

    Guest is the machine running within VirtualBox, in your case Windows XP. To install the Guest additions you

    need to start the Guest and once running use the Devices menu option. This should produce a drop-down

    which shows, amongst others things "Install Guest Additions". The Guest Additions is made available to

    the Guest via a virtual floppy disk (remember those ?) mounted on the A: drive. Once installed, reboot

    the guest and check the graphics settings within the guest. One of the things the Guest Additions does

    is install the correct graphics drivers in the guest for running as a virtual machine. 

    Hopefully at this stage everything should be OK.

    You now need to gain acces to your Money Data file. I would recommend that you copy all your Money

    data files to a new folder (say called Money Data) on the Host. You then need to go into the Virtual

    Machine definition in VirtualBox and add that newly created folder as a shared folder. I'm away from home

    machine at the moment, so from memory, you need to select shared folders in the virtual machine definition

    and then navigate to the "Money Data" folder and select it. I think there is also an option on that screen like

    "Automatically Mount" which you should select. Restart the guest and hopefully the "Money Data" folder will

    be mounted within the guest. It will actually show up as a network drive. At this point you should be able to

    access the data normally from within the guest and test Money 98.

    Perhaps once you're happy with that, we can discuss migrating it to Money 2005 (running on Windows 7)

    if that's what you wish to do.

    I noted earlier that you had problems with sizing the screen in the guest. Once you have Guest Additions

    installed, that should be fixed. Furthermore, I always run my guests in FullScreen mode which I find much

    easier. That option is accessed from the View menu option.  

    Good luck and please report back on your progress.

    Wednesday, January 29, 2014 8:14 AM
  • Despite all your good offices I am still getting nowhere fast.

    Am getting very frustrated and despondent. I have now decided to cut my losses and have downloaded the Sunset version which seems to be working satisfactorily.

    I don’t think that it is as intuitive as the 95/98/99 versions but I am getting there and have, I believe, recovered my Money file

    Can I get my hands around the neck of the idiot and their supervisor who perpetrated this fiasco??? That will then make my day.

    Thanks for your help.

    Sunday, February 9, 2014 4:10 PM