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  • Don't know if it's out there already but why don't we have home memory card players?  They exist for picture frames and camera memory cards.  Who wants scratchable and easily breakable CD's.  Switch over to small, durable, memory card style media which include home players that can download VCR tapes or CD's to your memory card.  Enhance memory cards with HD viewing capabilities. Also include home media with different style ports or accessories to plug in your existing picture & home video memory cards.  Forget individual downloads to the i-phone or any other media, over time they're expensive and only last as long as you have memory space.  It's all about the portable memory cards.  Picture the game and movie industry and Blockbuster renting or selling memory cards that work with your Microsoft home player, phones, computers, portable TV's, MP3, and XBOX.   You can buy the latest Harry Potter with enough memory space left over & discount codes to download all the other Harry Potters, all on one little memory card.  CD's are dated, it's all about download capabilities while keeping it simple for those who still don't have computers (they exist).

    Saturday, January 19, 2008 9:06 PM