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    Hi all,


    I`ve applyed for Beta Exam 70-638, but i don`t know where can i found documents about it... anyone know where can i found anything about the itens below?



    1.      Installing and Managing Office Communications Server (OCS) 2007

    1.1.    Determine the differences between the Standard Edition and the Enterprise Edition.

    May include: pools; standard edition server, director pool, director standard edition server


    1.2.    Prepare the environment for OCS 2007.

    May include: infrastructure prerequisites; validation of Microsoft SQL Server prerequisites for Enterprise Edition – permissions, connectivity, instance name; Active Directory preparation; location of global settings – root domain partition vs. configuration partition


    1.3.    Request and configure certificates.

    May include: public vs. private certificates


    1.4.    Configure address book service.

    May include: internal vs. external address books


    1.5.    Manage coexistence between Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 and OCS 2007.

    May include: enable rich presence post-migration – enable backout capabilities?; using the LCSCMD command line to export OCS users


    1.6.    Configure security features.   

    May include: configure Intelligent IM Filter; validate that the firewall  configurations throughout the organization don’t block any OCS functionality; make sure that all necessary ports are open for client to server and server to server communications internally and externally; enable Secure Real Time Protocol (SRTP); configure authentication; when to use NTLM or Kerberos only


    2.      Deploying and Configuring OCS 2007 Clients

    2.1.    Deploy and configure Office Communicator 2007 clients.

    May include: GPOs; manual configuration; auto client configuration; client deployment methodologies; deploy and configure Office Communicator Mobile 2007


    2.2.    Deploy and configure Communicator Web Access 2007.

    May include: internal and/or external (configuration of virtual directories, SSL ports, certificates, and reverse proxy for configuring CWA); how do you access OCS from non–Microsoft Windows clients?; certificate configuration for SSL vs. MTLS


    2.3.    Deploy and configure the Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 client.


    2.4.    Manage Office Communicator client migration.

    May include: coexistence between OC 2005 with OCS 2007, OC 2007 with LCS 2005, and  OC 2007 with OCS 2007 (note: rich presence becomes a one-way trip)


    3.      Configuring Conferencing

    3.1.    Configure the A/V Conferencing Server.

    May include: assigning multiple conferencing policies


    3.2.    Configure the Web Conferencing Server.

    May include: differences between Live Meeting and OCS Web conferencing; troubleshoot the Web Component Server for conference scheduling


    3.3.    Configure the Conferencing Server policy settings.

    May include: configure the Conferencing Server policy settings for anonymous users


    3.4.    Configure external conferencing access.

    May include: port requirements for data conferencing and for audio video conferencing; reverse proxy – if you don’t have it, you won’t get your meeting content


    4.      Configuring Enterprise Voice Functionality

    4.1.    Configure outbound routing.

    May include: create location profiles; create phone usage records; create voice policy; create routes


    4.2.    Configure location profiles.


    4.3.    Configure phone number normalization.

    May include: method for testing phone normalization – ABserver.exe – testphonenorm


    4.4.    Configure the Mediation Server.


    4.5.    Configure PC-based audio peripherals.

    May include: what happens if you don’t configure the audio tuning wizard?


    5.      Configuring External Connectivity

    5.1.    Configure the Edge Server.

    May include: consolidated vs. expanded configuration; configure Web conferencing; reverse proxy requirements


    5.2.    Configure Public IM Connectivity (PIC).

    May include: enable PIC contract; how to validate PIC requirements; check for valid, non-expired, public cert/configuration


    5.3.    Configure federation.

    May include: configure enhanced federation; configure direct federation


    5.4.    Configure remote user access.

    May include: enable user for remote access; configure external address book URL; enable Edge server for remote access 


    6.      Monitoring and Maintaining OCS 2007

    6.1.    Monitor server resource utilization.

    May include: when to add resources – users are experiencing slow performance  Note: look for thresholds to monitor by using best practices; ensure that SQL Server is working correctly; make sure that your SQL Server database and transaction logs are on separate hard drives


    6.2.    Isolate issues related to OCS 2007.

    May include: set up flat file logs across multiple servers as needed; how and when do you set up client logs?   Where are they located?


    6.3.    Back up and restore OCS 2007.


    6.4.    Configure event logging.

    May include: monitor SPIM


    6.5.    Install and configure IM archiving.

    May include: configure retention; prerequisites for archiving; troubleshoot the OCS service; troubleshoot per pool vs. global vs. per user archiving


    6.6.    Install and configure Meeting Compliance.

    May include: user-based archiving vs. server-side archiving



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    Monday, September 10, 2007 6:23 PM

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    I would think that you could only study off the OCS 2007 documents. But if anyone has more info, please post.





    Tuesday, September 11, 2007 2:03 AM
  • There are three things you can do to prepare:

    1. Play with the Product - download the RTM Eval, load it (in a virtual machine) and play.

    2. Attend the  Ignite sessions  - depending on where you live, you may find Microsoft offering the 2-day hands on OCS Ignite class. I am delivering this in  London at the end of this week, for example, and a few more times in the coming months. In due course, there will be three MOC classses - I'm  teaching the betas of these during the first week in October.

    3. The public documentation. There i s a ton of white papers out on the MS site (around 1000 pages).

    Tuesday, September 11, 2007 9:17 AM
  • Or even try the E-Learning sessions.






    Tuesday, September 11, 2007 3:11 PM