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  • I have an application which reads files from the host (main frame) and write to a file on to disk (windows 2003 server).
    I used both WriteFile and _lwrite to write to the file and I get a error message 1450: "Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service." The writing process happens in small chunks of data and WriteFile\_lwrite fails when the application has already written 1GB data to the file.
    The drive has more than 9 GB free space and the file system is NTFS.

    Here are the call details of the failing functions

    void _lwrite(HFile hFile, LPCSTR lpBuffer, UINT cbWrite);

    lpBuffer size                              : 0x3fc
    cbWrite                                     : 0x3fc
    File pointer set at                     : 0x5953715C (1.39 GB)
    return value from _lwrite          : 0xffffffff
    GetLastError return value         : 0x5aa (1450)

    BOOL WriteFile(HANDLE hFile, LPCVOID lpBuffer, DWORD nNumberOfBytesToWrite, LPDWORD lpNumberOfBytesWritten,LPOVERLAPPED lpOverlapped);

    lpBuffer size                             : 0x3fd
    nNumberOfBytesToWrite          : 0x3fc
    lpNumberOfBytesWritten          : 0x0
    lpOverlapped                            : NULL
    File pointer set at                     : 0x5EB822BE (1.48 GB)
    return value from WriteFile       : 0
    GetLastError return value        : 0x5aa (1450)

    The system do not use \3 GB boot.ini switch and the PagedPoolSize value is 0x0 (default system value) and Paging File Size for the drive is 2000 MB as Initial and Maximum Size.

    Friday, August 29, 2008 8:48 AM

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  •  Hi Ravihr07,

    just in case we're taking a while to get back to you on this, i've escalated your post to my Developer Counterpart as i don't think i'm of much help.
    We'll get back to you soon.

    Sorry for the slow response.
    Dennis Chung | IT Pro Evangelist | Microsoft Singapore
    Tuesday, September 9, 2008 3:16 AM
  •  Hi Ravikr07,

    You might want to check out the kb article posted on http://support.microsoft.com/kb/304101 if it is related to your issue.

    If you are still unable to resolve your problem, drop me a line at +65 6888 8427 and I'll help you find out which is the best avenue for you to get support for your issue. :)

    Jocelyn Mae Villaraza 
    Developer Evangelist
    Microsoft Singapore
    Tuesday, September 9, 2008 12:03 PM