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  • Previously in other CRM systems we always used Opportunity to track a sales rep performance.  If it was closed as won, that counted towards their quota.  I'm using CRM 2011 and I love how it has built in quotes with it.  The part though that throws me off is if I make an opportunity, then make a quote from that, it of course pulls the info from the opportunity like products into the quote.  However if I activate a quote and then the customer wants to add more products to it, I need a new quote but the opportunity needs to update also.  If I update the opportunity, is there no way to update the quote?  Like if I click revise, the quote is the same. Clicking recalculate quote does nothing, and if I click Get Products, it ADDs all the products again to the quote.  So I have to basically go in and delete all the line items, and then click Get Products which seems to be a workaround.

    I find this further complicated if say I have an opportunity with 5 items each $100 and make a quote, then I revise the quote and on the Quote I add 2 more items for $100 each, the quote is of course then $700.  However there doesn't seem to be any way to update the Opportunity without going in and manually adding the 2 more items and changing it there.  If I click Create Order in the quote and say close the Opportunity as won, and to use the revenue from the quote, the Opportunity closes and shows $500 still for revenue.

    So the only way around it I can see is to:

    1) Always update the products in the opportunity never the quote directly

    2) When making revisions on the quote, delete all the line items, add them to the opportunity and then use Get Products from the revision to pull the products from the opportunity

    Is that right or am I missing something?  

    Just to add on to this also, what methodology do people use if a customer was like send me a quote for Product ABC, then was like and also one for Product XYZ just to compare.  I guess in my above issue that's the reason it doesn't keep them in sync, since I'd have to make the opportunity first with Product XYZ and make a quote and then there would be issues for Product XYZ.  So in this case, would someone generally make the Opportunity for whatever product they felt most likely to close like Product XYZ, then make a quote, and then click again to make a new quote but this time on the quote change it to Product XYZ?  Then if that quote is the one the customer wants, they change the opportunity from Product ABC to Product XYZ and save it then close it as won?  Thanks!

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  • From my experiences your description is pretty accurate. In my company we use opportunities as a request and then we don't allow the sales guys to use quotes. We use it this way because we can look at what was originally request on the opportunity and what was actually sold via the quote.  Also the people generating opportunities and working from them do not have permissions to create or update quotes. The only issue I have found with this method so far is if an opportunity is lost the person cannot close the opportunity because it has a regarding Quote. One other thing though is when we close out a Quote as won and update opportunity the correct amount of total sale from Quote is correctly updated on the Opportunity as actual revenue along with the actual close date. On the opportunity there are a couple revenue fields, but when a Quote is closed as wont the total sale should be updated on the Opportunity under actual revenue.

    Anyway, I do believe you could create a plugin to replicate the functionality you are seeking. There are a lot of possibilities using plugins. For example, something simple, each time a new quote product is added you could create a new opportunity product on the opportunity. If you are familiar with plugins or C# it could be something to look into to get you closer to what you are seeking.

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