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  • I have downloaded the horror game "SCP - Containment Breach" on my laptop.  When I downloaded it, I extracted the files properly and did not disrupt it. I clicked on it and a error window came up and said "User lib not found" I have done some research on what "User lib" is and I have found out that it contains these 3 files: winfix.dll, FastExt.dll, and FastText.dll.  I have gotten those and moved them to the SCP game file.  But it still does not work.  I have refreshed it, restarted my laptop, and have deleted it and re downloaded it and put the 3 files in before I extracted it, and after I extracted it, and more small things I have done.  Nothing seems to work!

    NOTE: I have played this game before, but in earlier versions.  I updated this game and it still has the same files in it that it needs but it still says it does not have those 3 files! It may be because it is not laptop compatible?  Because I updated it on my desktop and it has the EXACT same files that are on my laptop and it is the same game version and it works on my desktop but not on my laptop!  My laptop is windows 10 and my desktop is windows 7 vista.

    So does anyone know if I can fix this problem?  95% of the time I can solve these issues but this one, I cant. HELP!

    (I am sorry if this isn't really the forum to post this.  But I couldn't fine a gaming forum)

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